We provide the finest hunting and wing shooting in South Africa - with thirty two huntable species. We pride ourselves in our service, which includes Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting and wing shooting, all under our exquisite African skies.
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Thandeka Safaris finest hunting, Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting, and wing shooting in South Africa.

Sit back and enjoy the experience as one of our guides shows you some of Africa's best tourist attractions.

For a customised quote or more information please contact us  or send us an email at info@thandekasafaris.co.za



Trips to any other parts of Southern Africa can be arranged



  • Game drives
  • Night drives
  • Bird watching
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Bar
  • Quad biking
  • Horse-back game viewing



Cape Town


Western Cape

Kalahari Gemsbok Park




Sun City







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providing you with the finest hunting, Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting, and Wing Shooting in South Africa